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Site updated 12-3-2014

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We post jobs daily and are looking for your pictures of firegrounds, dept. activities, or anything else fire related anywhere in New Jersey.

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Owner/Photographer-Ted Aurig
Photographer- Bill Rieger III
Photographer- Constantine Sypsomos
Photographer- Rich Moulder
Photographer-Phil Cohen

Photos submissions by- Curt Hudson, Greg Taylor, Matthew Bonnette, Steve Polumbo, Chris Oliver, Adam Lansdowne, John Anthony, Jason Witkowski, Dan Gravinese, Joshua Smith, Sean Nordaby, Amy Pacione,Steve Reustle,Dave Seybert,Rich Adler, Chief Brian Gilmore, Scott Abbate,Lt. Ed Paul, Dom Patricelli,Steve Engel, Matthew Wentzell,Joe Zuber,Chris Seaman,Sean Wargny, Rob Gould,Nancy Walsh,Mark Armbruster, Phil Cohen,Derek Fizur, Ryan Meehl,Paul Bonamassa,Scott Oatman,Chris Williams, James Barber,Dave Carbone,Bryan Ames, Andy Gresko, Rick Bickmore,Williamd Kinder,Laura White,Candice McKane,TJ Carroll,Hal Talbot,John Axford,Greg Slemmer, Tom Noe

DISCLAIMER- Photos for download and purchase are not available for  legal or commercial use. Please contact me directly with any questions.

Ted Aurig
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